Latest Releases

Full Node GUI Wallet

SilentDragonX 1.4.2 "Waggish Weevil"

  • New: Allow compiling with a custom number of jobs in
  • New: Update startup animation graphic
  • New: Prevent the logging of sensitive data to STDOUT
  • bug fix: Fix a coredump that can happen after importing a private key

Full Node CLI Wallet

Hush 3.10.1 "Oneiric Octopus""

  • Bug Fix: Fix the bug which causes "payment to wrong pubkey" error when syncing a new node
  • Bug Fix: Fixed compiling issues related to RandomX v1.2.1
  • New: Faster syncing of Hush and DragonX full nodes
  • New: Slightly less memory usage in each Equihash/RandomX mining thread
  • New: Improved RPC docs for getblocktemplate
  • New: Removed the getdeprecationinfo RPC

Android Wallet

SilentDragonXAndroid v1.0.2

  • New: Updated checkpoints to 820,000 for faster syncing of new wallets & improved chain security
  • New: Minor performance tweaks
  • New: Sapling params downloaded from random locations for greater decentralization