How To Mine DragonX

Mining From Silent Dragon

The easiest way to mine is with the Silent Dragon X Wallet. Simply download and run the wallet then under the mining tab, select the number of threads to mine with and click the Mining Button.

Download A Wallet

Mining From CLI
(Command Line Interface)

First download the CLI wallet from the releases page

Download A Wallet

Unzip the archive.

Then navigate to the folder containing the wallet. Then in an empty area of the windows explorer,
right click > Open in Terminal

If windows terminal is not installed, it can be found here.

In the terminal type ./dragonxd to start the node.

Then right click the tab in the terminal and Duplicate Tab


Then in the new tab type ./dragonx-cli getinfo. You will know when the node is fully synced and ready to start mining when both "blocks" and "longestchain" are the same number.

After syncing your node, type ./dragonx-cli setgenerate true $(1)

"1" can be changed for the number of threads you want to mine with, more threads means more mining power. Generally you can find the total number of threads your CPU has by taking the number of cores and multiplying by 2.

If you check back on the first tab running the node you will notice it now shows setgenerate:HUSH_MININGTHREADS=1.

You are now mining DragonX from the terminal!

To stop mining simply type ./dragonx-cli setgenerate false in the second terminal tab.

you can check your balance with ./dragonx-cli getwalletinfo

To use any mined funds they must first be shielded to a z-address which can be done by generating a z-address and shielding all funds to that address with:

./dragonx-cli z_getnewaddress

./dragonx-cli z_shieldcoinbase "*" "generated z-address" 0.0001 0

this will shield all mining funds to the specified z-address.

shielded funds can be checked with ./dragonx-cli z_gettotalbalance