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The World’s First CPU Mineable zk-SNARKs Cryptocurrency

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What is DragonX?

DragonX is a ZK-SNARKS based Crypto Currency with default privacy and built-in instant messaging.

DragonX is an ASICS resistant CPU mined Crypto Currency utilizing the RandomX mining algorithm offering greater decentralization.

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NO Pre-Mine and NO dev-tax. Announced in advance for a fair launch..

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Network level scaling anonymity with zk-SNARKS

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Enhanced anonymity by blending concepts of Monero and Zcash into a feature called Sietch, pioneered by Hush. Sietch offers a higher anonymity set velocity than any other ZK-SNARKS based Cryptos.

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Fully independent layer 1 blockchain with default privacy. The first of the "Arrakis Spice Chains" Ecosystem.

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Encrypted Chat system with no phone numbers or centralized servers

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Chain Specifications

Algorithm: RandomX
Blocktime: 36 Seconds
Block Reward: 3 DRGX
Reward Halving: Every 3.5M Blocks
Total Supply: 21,000,000 DRGX
Premine: 0 DRGX
P2P Port: 21768
RPC Port: 21769